Guardianship Matters

Lentz & Gengaro LLP represents clients in all types of guardianship-related legal matters.  If you have an adult child or other relative who cannot handle their affairs, an application for guardianship must be filed in the Court to provide you with the authority to make important financial, medical and residential decisions on their behalf.  These applications are frequently filed on behalf of disabled children when they reach adulthood, children who are clients of the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) or other New Jersey State agencies.  While such applications can be made through DDD, for example, they can take years to process them.  Our law firm can expedite the filing of these applications, and sometimes have a guardian appointed immediately when an emergency arises.

Applications for guardianship also need to be made because of a disabled relative’s health or deteriorating mental, often times due to old age or as the result of an accident.  In such cases, Lentz & Gengaro LLP is there to help.  Our lawyers have provide you with legal advice regarding the following matters:

  • Guardianship Applications
  • Living wills
  • Durable power of attorney
  • Medical directives
  • Young people who are cognitively impaired and need assistance managing their affairs
  • Mentally ill or drug-addicted family members
  • Elderly people who are incapacitated, either mentally or physically

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